Best brownies ever?

bad picture of a good brownie
I’ve never been the biggest brownie fan around. I’ll definitely eat them, it’s not that, but I see myself more as a cake person. Maybe because I haven’t succeeded in making the perfect batch of brownies, yet. My brownie-making experience limits to only a couple of tries. Quite embarresing actually. I’m a quitter!
But the last couple of days I’ve had a desperate craving for brownies. Maybe it was a sign from above, that I should leave my previous brownie-experiences behind, and start over. And so I did. The thing is, brownies are actually always good, – after all, it’s chocolate we’re talking about – but only a few times exeptionally good. But those are the ones I’m looking for.The chewy, fudgy and dense type that literally melts in your mouth. Unfortunately they don’t come around too often. So my high brownie-standards ususally results in disappointment. But tonight it was time for another try. After some searching on the internet, I found Julia Child’s so called “Best brownies ever”, and decided to give it a go.

The brownies turned out chewy but with a gooey, almost liquid center. Underbaked, some might say. I’m not one of them. Best brownies ever? Very possible! I’m too inexperienced in the brownie-liga to say. All I can say is they were de-li-cious. Very moist. Very dense. Very chocolate. Maybe more cake than brownie, well, honestly, on the border of chocolate fondant, but what’s in a name, right? I’ll definitely make them again. I thought they were a little too sweet, but I didn’t use bitter chocolate. I will next time. And I imagine a coffee-chocolate sauce will bring out the best in these babies. Really soak them up. And play down the sweetness a little. But first there’s some baking involved.

Ingredients (serves 15)

250 ml sifted all-purpose flour
4.5 ml salt
200 g unsalted butter
100g unsweetened chocolate, coarsely chopped
50 g bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped
400 ml sugar
4.5 ml pure vanilla extract
3 large eggs

First of all, I had to make this recipe slightly smaller. After all, there were only two of us, and even me and my boyfriend have limits. Or I have to set some limits…
The mixing method is a little unorthodox for a brownie, but who cares as long as it tastes good in the end! Maybe that’s what separates these from the regular brownie. The batter is also quite thick, almost frosting-like.


Preheat the oven to 175 degrees celsius.
Melt the butter and chocolate over medium heat, stirring frequently. When it’s all melted, add half of the sugar and keep stirring for about a minute, or until the sugar starts to dissolve. Remove from pan and add the vanilla. The recipe says at this point: Pour into a big bowl. But I’m lazy and always want to minimize the dirty dishes, so I didn’t. (Though, I probably should have. It became pretty messy with such a small pan after all. Naughty me.)

Whisk the remaining sugar and eggs until just combined. Slowly, pour half of this mixture into the chocolate mixture stirring gently. Then whip the rest of the egg-sugar mixture until it thickens and turns pale.
Using a spatula, delicately fold the eggs into the chocolate mixture, and then fold in the sifted dry ingredients. Pour and scrape the batter into a suited pan. (9-inch according to the recipe) In my case, a small round form, 20 cm in diameter. It turned out quite tall, so the pan could easily have been bigger.

Bake in center of the oven for 25-30 minutes. Check with a fork after 25 minutes to se how they’re progressing. Bake them until barely set, if you like them gooy like I do. Mine took 30 minutes.
Cool on a rack.
Or don’t!
They taste really good warm, as long as you manage to cut them. (And I can imagine they taste equally yummy the next day, when it sets and gets relly firm and fudgy. I see a proper women’s day breakfast coming up tomorrow…)

Sprinkle with sifted icing sugar, and they’re ready to serve!
But to make good even better, if you want brownie-extravaganza, and who wouldn’t want that
– serve with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. And then…….ahh, brownie-heaven!


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