Tea time

scones and a nice cup of tea

Ah, the serenity and pleasure of studying at home. Peace and quiet, but also many distractions. But I guess that’s exactly what I like about it. The breakes I allow myself. Highlight of the day! I love to see that I’ve spent a few hours, and that I freely can take a nice little time-out with a glossy magazine and something good to munch on. And it’s always something good. This is not the time nor place for salad or such a thing. Nothing wrong with a salad, only at this time, studying at home around noon, I want sweetness, a reward for my patient studying. This calls for sugar and caffeine! Coffee or tea and whatever I can find of interest in the kitchen, without actually making anything… I always have my freezer packed with some of those sweet treats, so it’s always fun to see what I have to offer myself. But one thing is for sure. I always have some backup-scones, for occasions like this. And today, I wanted scones. You see, I work at a bakery, (Lie Nielsen) and they make the best scones ever. I need a couple of those throughout the week. My favourite is with raisins and walnuts. I really don’t know how they get them to be so firm and non-crumbly. Ideas? Mine crumbles up by the slightest touch, so I depend on these. I live on these. I love these.
The look.
Of love.
Is in.
These scones… and a cup of tea!


2 thoughts on “Tea time

  1. Did you ever figure out how to make the L.N. scones? I’ve now moved from Norway and am craving them like all get out!

  2. No…unfortunately. But I haven´t been trying much either. Maybe I should give it another try! If I only could recreate them at home…. Let me know if you find a way! (another scone recipe is coming up here – not very LN-like, but tasty either way!)

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