Simple chicken & mango salad

chicken, mango, walnut and feta salad

I love a good salad, but a rarely eat one. Or, I rarely make one. I can very easily order and eat one at Bølgen og Moi! But at home, not so much. I lack inspiration for putting together a decent salad. Often it takes too many strange ingredients, and if not, the dressing contains more things than the salad itself. I know I don’t bother buying 5 different bottles of oil, spices, herbs or whatever just to make one single salad. So I stick to a few signature salads that I make over and over again. This one is a definite favourite. It was born one day I didn’t feel like cooking much, and threw together some stuff I had. It turned out to be a big hit, even with my boyfriend, who’s not much of a salad lover, like most guys… But this is good, let me tell you. This is easy. 5 ingredients, all included – can you handle it?

1 Storebought marinated grilled chicken
Marinated feta cheese
A handful of walnuts
1 Mango

Cut the chicken in half. Remove bones, and tear the meat in bitesize chunks. No need to bring out the knife for this, you can easily tear the meat off the bones instead of cutting it. Much more fun! I also like uneven pieces and getting my hands dirty doing this. When you feel you have enough, put the chicken in a big bowl or on a big plate. Open the packet of rocket and drizzle it over the chicken, a lot of it, because the oil from the chicken and cheese will soak some of it up.

Now, the feta cheese. I buy small cubes of marinated feta cheese – they are perfect for this, ready to use, so just sprinkle them on top of the rocket and add a few spoons of the oil as well. That will be the dressing. (Could this be easier?) And finally, the mango. Now it’s probably time to get your knife and cutting board out. If you don’t need it, you’re good. Cut the mango however you want it, and add it to the salad. Cut the walnuts roughly, or don’t, and sprinkle over the mango. Give the salad a little toss and you’re done. Ta-da! It’s salad time in no time.


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