Norwegian strawberry fields forever

Perfect strawberry


I don’t really have much to say but this. Norwegian strawberries are the best. May sound a little too patriotic or nationalistic but it’s a fact. Maybe not a proven fact, but a fact nevertheless. They say it’s because of the slow process of maturation, changing weather with a lot of rain and a long time to develop a sweet sweet summer taste. Whatever it is, it’s good. And there’s no better way to enjoy them than picking them and eating as you go by. And with this unbelievable hot weather a lot of strawberries were red and ready to be eaten when me and my boyfriend were at his country house last weekend. And man were they tasty! The juiciest sweetest berries you can imagine. We started to eat the strawberries right there in the bed, but we soon realized we needed a bowl, they were too many. And then we enjoyed them on the terrace, simply as they were, no sugar added, watching the sun set into the light Norwegian summer night.

picking berries


2 thoughts on “Norwegian strawberry fields forever

  1. I just found you’re site and like it! When I read this post I had to laugh- we were in Norway last year and had the most perfect strawberries ever. We too think they are the BEST! I’m looking forward to future posts.

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