Raw strawberry jam

stirred strawberries

I like oldfashioned things. I like to do things in an oldfashioned way. I’m an old woman trapped in a young body… I love to cook, bake and make things. So with all this in mind, there’s no surprice that I like the idea of preserving fruits and berries for later use. In a few weeks strawberry season will be over, and that was that. At the end of each season I always feel I should have eaten more. So to make summer last into winter, I made raw jam. Uncooked stirred strawberries with sugar. My mother always makes that when the berries are at their peak, at their sweetest and cheapest, so we can have the luxury of homemade jam for the holidays or a random rainy weekend when summer seems so far away. And now I’m making my first batch of jam. This is actually the only jam I eat, I’m not a big jam-eater otherwise, but this is the real deal. It tastes of summer and berries, sweet but yet fresh. I used the recipe at the pectin bag as a starting point, but you really just have to taste and experience what works, I guess. However, it tasted delicious, so if you’re a first timer like me, here’s the measures I used:

Strawberry jam
1 kg strawberries
150 g sugar
30 g pectin

Originally the recipe calls for 250 g sugar and 100 g pectin, but this was sweet enough for me! It depends on the ripeness of the berries too. I reduced the amount of pectin as well, because I didn’t want to taste it.

Remove the stalks from the berries, and cut into pieces. But in a bowl, and mash them together with a fork, or put them in a food processor if you want a smooth jam without whole pieces of berries. I, however, like chunks of berries, so I just mashed them with a fork. In another bowl mix the sugar and pectin to prevent lumps. Add the mixture to the berries, and stir well. Pour the jam into plastic boxes or glasses and freeze. Or put in the fridge if you want some of that lovely jam right away. And you probably want after you’ve had a taste. Luckily this recipe makes enough jam for now and for later! I’m set!

my strawberry preseves


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