Farfalle with bacon and cabbage

farfalle & friends

I’m back from 10 lovely days in the country, and I didn’t have any internet connection there as I thought, so no blogging was done. But I can tell you there still was plenty of food! Sveler, (traditional Norwegian buttermilk pancakes) served with homemade blueberryjam and sour cream, cinnamon rolls, bread, a yummy blueberry pavlova (which I’ll get back to in a later post) and lots of barbecuing! And, yes, there were blueberries, already. I’ve never seen so many blueberries in my entire life. We discovered a new place in the woods, it was packed with large perfectly ripe berries just waiting for us. All in all I think we picked 20 liters. Mostly blueberries but some raspberries too. Could have picked more if those scary cows weren’t around.

But now I’m back in town. And before I get started on anything else food-wise, I need to make my way through the content of the fridge before it turns bad. And someone has to prepare dinner, right? I had some mushrooms that had to be used, some beans and bacon from yesterday’s dinner – all I needed was some cabbage. One of my favourite pasta recipes from Jamie Oliver came to mind. You can find the recipe here. My version is slightly different, but just as good. It just happened to be these things I had lying around. Here’s my rough recipe.


Butter Beans
Finely chopped Garlic

Boil the pasta, drain, but save a little of the water.
Fry the bacon until dark and crisp. Add the chopped mushroom. Finally add the chopped cabbage and garlic. Stir, and remove from heat when the cabbage starts to soften. You don’t want to make it all soggy. Add the beans and grated cheese into the drained pasta. Stir, making it creamy. Then pour the pasta mixture into the veggies, stir, taste with salt and pepper and serve immediatly. Sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan and pepper! Enjoy!


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