Lentil & pepita salad

lentil salad

My boyfriend is working late again. Meaning he won’t eat dinner at home. Meaning I have to make dinner for one. For me. But hey, that’s ok! I can make things he doesn’t like, but that I love. Like fish. Though I never do that actually. To much hazzle. Or I can make a vegetarian dinner without anyone searching through the plate looking for meat. And I almost always end up eating vegetarian when I’m alone. Something simple I can throw together, usually with ingredients I already have. I don’t bother to make something fancy and time consuming when it just for me, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be flavourful! Oh no, it can be just as good. Or better.

So I thought salad today. Cleaning my hermetics pantry the other day I found a lot of different beans and lentils, and figured I could use some of them. I picked the lentils. For some inspiration I searched 101cookbooks.com, a beautiful blog with lots of great recipes for healthy dinner options, which was what I was looking for, and found this recipe.. I took a quick look at the ingredients, and saw that I had about everything needed. Not that it really mattered, cause I didn’t really follow the recipe, but it was a nice starting point. Since I don’t have a morter, yet, I didn’t make the pesto. I just chopped the cilantro and garlic instead. Then I roasted the pepitas, opened the can of lentils and gave them a good rinse. I also added some slices of pear. And I replaced the salad with spinach. And with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, this turned out great! Really tasty with a lovely crunch provided by the pepitas.

I love to eat this kind of food. You can feel it does you good. All you need is a can of lentils, some pepitas and whatever greens you feel like throwing in. Good for me and good for you.


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