Chili con carne

chili con carne

Chili con carne. My most recent dinner discovery! And I’m so exited about it! It’s just so good in all it’s simplicity. And perfect for the season that’s upon us. (I’ve finally let go of summer. It was hard. But at least, that means I’m free to embrace autumn in all it’s delicious glory!) And this is it, chili con carne, you say? I say yeah! I’m slow. Of course I’ve heard about it before. I have recipes for it and I’ve even tasted it some time long ago, but now it’s here to stay with me.

It was a week ago, I was out on the town with two girlfriends of mine, and we were discussing food and exchanging dinner suggestions. (like the housewives we are) One of them told me that her boyfriend makes a mean chili con carne. With meat, beans, tomatoes and lots of spices – and her description, along with the look on her face, made me rethink whatever I thought of this dish. Chili con carne was coming up, this very weekend.

So, when Sunday came, I found a recipe. And after a quick glimpse I saw that this should be really fast’n easy! It was indeed. Basically all you have to do is fry the meat, crack open a few cans, some onion chopping and seasoning! And pronto, chili con carne is served. I guess you can make a fancier chili con carne that would take more time, but there is absolutely no reason for that. Because this is seriously good. And I usually don’t like ground meat dinners. So, that should be a sign of quality, right?

(Serves 4)

500 g ground meat
1 onion
1 can of chopped tomatoes
2 different cans of beans
tortilla chips

The second time I made this I made a few adjustments, which worked just fine. Instead of a second can of beans, I added some sweetcorn. Instead of canned tomatoes, I used fresh ones and a little tomato pure and ketchup. There’s no need to measure anything up, just have fun, trust your own taste and experiment!

Fry the ground meat, and cut in chunks. Season with salt and pepper. Remove from pan.
Chop the garlic, chili and onion. Heat some oil and fry until it softens and turns golden.
Add the tomatoes, beans and spices. Season to taste, depending how spicy you like it. Add a cup of water, turn the heat down, and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes. Sprinkle with fresh cilantro and serve along with guacamole and tortilla chips.


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