Custard filled cinnamon rolls

Well, first of all, I can’t take credit for this one. Did not make it myself. But I sure helped eating! My boyfriend suddenly decided to make cinnamon rolls late last night, and I was not to stop him. And I figured, I don’t really have time to bake nowadays, reading for my exams pretty much takes all my time. Little baking means few posts, means my poor blog is suffering, so I might as well let him take over the show for a while.

He’s actually not a bad cook at all, but usually he leaves all flour-and-sugar-related activity to me. He cooks, I bake. He makes dinner, I make dessert. At least on weekends. It’s a nice deal. But yesterday he sat his minds to these rolls, which is probably his all time favourite, and mine to that matter, and I let him. (Ain’t I nice?)

And they turned out great. I guess I wouldn’t have rolled out the dough quite as thin, but then again, that means more filling. And I think he agreed, because he managed to get twice as many as he was supposed to! So, quite small, but I’m not complaining! They were absolutely delicious. I had myself a little platter of rolls watching True Blood last night, and today I had some more for breakfast as we conveniently were out of bread. Yummy in my tummy. Higly recommendable! If you haven’t tasted this version of cinnamon rolls before, you should definetely give it a try! What I lova about it is that it contains all the good stuff: cinnamon-filling, custard and lovely icing melting onto the hot rolls. You have to try it, seriously. I have one recipe that I use for all kinds of rolls, including this one. It’s easy to do and easy to succeed with. This should give about 12 larger rolls, or many many smaller ones…

50 gram fresh yeast (or 25 g dry if you prefer)
500 g flour
100 gram sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon cardamom
100 gram butter
3 dl milk

200 g brown sugar, packed
15 g ground cinnamon
75 g butter, softened


icing sugar

Feels like something’s missing? Like the custard? Well – I buy it… So don’t really have a recipe for that, but of course you can make your own! Which is probably even better. But you will need it either way, so provide custard somehow.

Make as any ordinary dough. Mix fresh yeast with melted butter and milk, or dry yeast with flour. Knead until you have an elastic yet firm dough. Set to rise for about an hour, or until it reaches double size. While it’s rising, start making the filling. You can use whatever sugar you like, but I prefer dark brown sugar. At least part brown sugar to give a richer taste. Mix sugar of your choice, butter and cinnamon together. And when the dough had reaches a nice volume, knock it down, roll it out as thins as you like. Remeber thinner dough means smaller buns with more filling, or you can get thicker rolls, but with less filling. Hmm. Hard choice. Or I guess you can have both if you strech it out the right way! Leave to rise for about 20 minutes, then put on a nice scoop of custard on each roll, and bake on 200 C for 10-15 minutes (depending on the size) Bake until lightly golden. And then, while they’re still hot, drizzle with icing and enjoy… Trust me, you will.


3 thoughts on “Custard filled cinnamon rolls

  1. These rolls are wonderful – thank you for your recipe. You could mention that 1dl corresponds to 100mL 🙂 Thanks again.

  2. Aren´t they? Really delicious!!! I could probably mention that, yeah, I just don´t think about it as I´m used to the metric system! 😉 But luckily there´s a lot of online conversion-opportunities! 🙂

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