New old plates

There hasn’t been much blogging or baking lately. I realize that. I’m just trying to eat my way through our pantry and our freezer, before I fill it up with more stuff. But now that I have these beautiful new plates, I have to put something onto them soon.

I was at the salvation army shop yesterday. And I don’t think I’ve ever entered that shop without buying something. There’s always something. Most often – a lot of things. I love second hand shops, flea markets and the salvation army shop. It’s so much more satisfying finding something there than in – let’s say – IKEA. Not that I don’t love Ikea, but when you find something in a second hand shop, it’s so much more personal. You feel grateful and lucky for finding that one special item, and hold on to it like it was your baby. Well, maybe you don’t, but that’s my shopping style, anyway. I’ve been to one too many flea markets. That’s what 9 years in the school band does to you. It’s in my blood. My dna. I’m becoming one of those who lines up 2 hours before it opens, with my knitting, pushing my way through the queue running like a maniac to the kitchenware… No, I’m not quite there. Yet.

Anyway. Yesterday was no exeption. I found two beutiful plates that I just had to have. Especially the flower-printed one had my name on it. And raised in a flea market, I know to turn the plate to see where it’s made and what it is. And this was Figgjo Flint. My favourite! A Norwegian porcelain company whose older/retro products have become very popular. The other plate was Swedish. Don’t remember the name, and I’m too lazy to get up. Besides I bought a pack of napkin rings. Brand new!

So next thing: food. I promise. These plates – filled with something – are coming to a blog near you. Soon.


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