Greek-ish salad with watermelon

How greek this is, I don’t really know. But it is a salad, and it has watermelon in it. In my favourite cookbook Forever Summer by Nigella, of course, there’s a chapter of salad recipes. I actully don’t think I’ve made any of them yet. I’ve been to busy exploring the dessert chapter, not to mention the ice cream chapter. Oh yeah. (Post coming up!) I love this book like I love summer. So naturally, it’s frequently used this time of year. Last week I made the pavlova, a few weeks ago this cheese cake ice cream, (post yet to come) a pasta dinner with sultana raisins and zucchini. And now, finally this salad. I don’t know it hasn’t happened before. The picture of the salad, and the recipe with watermelons, feta and mint, sounded like a great combination, and was one of the first recipes to grab my attention. Luscious, fresh and summely. But as always, time passed, and I didn’t make it. And unlike many other recipes in this book, this is a summer only salad. Period. Meaning, it should only be prepared and eaten in the summer. Whereas other other dishes can give you a feeling of summer on a cold winter day, this is summer food only. I mean, watermelon, mint, feta cheese? In the winter? That would just be wrong. And the watermelons (if there are any) would be dull and flavourless. And I’m very picky when it comes to watermelons. I blame that for not making this sooner. There aren’t enough good watermelons out there! Or they probably are out there somewhere, just not here. Watermelon should be sharp pink, preferably seedless and with a strong but sweet scent. And luckily I found a the perfect specimen of a watermelon at the supermarket the other day! Hooray!

I didn’t buy it with this salad in mind, but looking through the mentioned book the other day, I soon realized that was what it was meant for. I jazzed it up a little, though. It’s originally a real simple salad with only a few ingredients, and there’s no need to add anything really. But the thing was I had all these tomatoes and cucumber that was going into a greek salad that never happened, so I thought, why not combine the two? And that’s what I did!

Greekish salad with watermelon

Chopped Mint
Feta cheese
Red Onion
Black Olives
Lime juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Maldon Salt
Good Bread

Slice the onion thinly, into fine rings. Leave them in the lime juice for about 15 minutes. The juice will bring out a pink shine and take the edge of the sharp onion taste. Peel the watermelon, and remove eventual seeds. Cut into triangular shapes. Cut the feta cheese in similar pieces. Or squares. Who cares really?
Put this onto a plate or a bowl, leaving a few behind. Cut the tomatoes and cucumber and add this to the salad. Tear the mint roughly and sprinkle over the salad. Now add the pinkish onion and the lilme juice. Throw in the rest of the watermelon and feta cheese, and add the olives. You can add some good olive oil to it, but I found it unneccesary.

Do serve with a good bread, though. Sourdough perhaps and some extra virgin oil. And some maldon salt to sprinkle on top. Voilà! Taste of summer!


2 thoughts on “Greek-ish salad with watermelon

  1. I’ll have to try it first and then leave a proper comment, but I guess it sounds good, I only worry about the watermelon and the olives….will they match???

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