Savoy cabbage with brown rice

I spend quite a lot of time at the library these days. I come there after class to do some studying, cause if I go home nothing will be done. Too many distractions, like facebook, bloglovin, tastespotting – in particular, checking the fridge, reading magazines – practically anything but reading. At the library the library there’s not much else to do but read. So I read. I study. Sit down with my books, surrounded by other books, and read. But every now and then a girl needs a break. To look up from my books and stretch my legs. And I’ve found the perfect relaxation and distraction from my books. I head towards the cookbook section and glance along the many titles displayed on the shelf. I love that shelf. I make a pick, or two, or three, and look through the books dreaming away to baking, cooking and lucious food… And even though I’m always led to the sweet stuff, I’m also pleased to see the great selection of tempting vegetarian food! I found a book with so many tasty looking recipes that went home with me this time.

And it didn’t disappoint. Not judging by this dish, anyway! (Well, I messed it up by oversalting it, but that’s purely on me…) This was the one that caught my eye. I did make some adjustments to make use of what I already had. The original recipe was with spinach instead of cabbage, I added broccoli, and there also should have been some tamarind and chilipaste – but I don’t think it’s necessary, it certainly didn’t lack flavour! So actually, there’s not that much left of the original recipe – but that’s cooking, right?

Savoy cabbage with brown rice (4)
125 g brown rice
500 g savoy cabbage
5 spring onions
125 g broccoli
2 teaspoons garlic
1 tablespoon ginger
1-1,5 dl vegetablebouillon
2 tablespoons basil leaves
3-4 tablespoons oil

Boil the rice according to instructions.
Chop the cabbage, broccoli and spring onions. Fry the finely chopped garlic in the oil, and add ginger while stirring. Pour in the broccoli and fry for a couple of minutes. Put in the spring onions and cabbage together with the bouillon, and eventually a little soy sauce. (But be careful with the amounts, or you’ll end up with a very salty dish – like me…)Pour in the boiled rice, and stir to cover everything in sauce. Season with salt and pepper, if needed. Pour in the basil leaves, but leave a few for decoration. And voilĂ ! It’s served!