Blueberry crumble cake

blueberry crumble cake

The image of this cake has been stuck on my mind ever since I stumbled upon the recipe and the blog quirky cupcake. Not this picture, though. I didn’t quite capture the loveliness of this cake, but there it looked like a little piece of heaven, and I don’t know how many times I visited her blog just to look at that picture. It looks sooo good. Check it out! The blog is great as well!

So today seemed like a nice day to give this a go. It’s Asencion Day, it’s pouring down (at least when I started to bake) the shops are closed and last but not least, I’ve been wanting this cake badly! The perfect occasion. I’ve had my freezer packed with blueberries since I picked several liters last autumn, and now I could finally put the last berries to use. I love blueberries, so I don’t want to spoil them on any random recipe, especially when I’ve handpicked them. It has to be special, and this cake looked like it could be blueberry-worthy. It most definitely was.

The recipe was a previous TWD recipe, from Dorie Greenspan. She’s not known here in Norway, but I understand she is quite the baker. I found the recipe here, and when accidently scrolling down the page I found so many mouthwatering pictures of various sweet delights, I think I have to get her book! I realize I’ve been missing out! Well, not anymore. Thank you internet!

I followed the recipe strictly, only leaving out nutmeg which I don’t care much for. And replacing buttermilk with regular milk, as I didn’t have any and the shops are closed. And apart from the fact that the batter ran over the edges of the pan, and I didn’t have a sheet under, meaning the batter poured over and on to the oven, started burning, developing a thick smoke and almost causing a fire, which made me take it out of the oven before it was done, allow the oven to cool, then wash away all the burned batter, turn on the oven again and put the cake back in for the last 20 minutes to finish – it turned out great!

blueberry crumble cake

It was absolutely delicious. And worth the extra effort, thank God. It would be really annoying if the cake was dull and dry after all the mess I created, but it wasn’t at all. It was a perfect combo of a thick, crunchy, buttery crust and soft cake and gooey berries underneath. Blueberry worthy? Indeed-e-o. Can’t ask for more!


3 thoughts on “Blueberry crumble cake

  1. Hei Malin! Snublet over bloggen din på facebook 🙂 Så delig den kaka så ut, den skal jeg vise til Marius! Det er han som baker hos oss 🙂

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